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The War of Generations
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PostSubject: RULES   RULES I_icon_minitimeSun Nov 30, 2008 12:30 pm


1)Role Playing is not allowed. Do not Role Play
2)Linking to any other forum or website (especially porn websites or websites that promote drug use) is not allowed.
3)Don't get off topic in the forums. Stick with what the topic name is, since the topic name usually reflects the subject of the topic.
4)Insulting or singling out someone in a discriminating way is not allowed
5)Avatars may not include any drug,violent behavior, or nudity in them. Remember pictures with nudity are only allowed within the art section but that has it limits as well.
6)Do not send constant pm's to the administers if you have questions try your best to direct them towards the site moderators.
7)Do not fight in the forum with other members. If your having a problem with another member than do it over pm. Don't air your dirty laundry where everyone can see it
8)Excessive cussing is not allowed. Though you may cuss do not go over the top
9)We do not allow members under the age of 16, only because of some of the things we do allow on this site. So if your under 16 years of age don't come back
10) Do not post images or written articles that are not by you without the permission of the original source. Theft is unacceptable
11)Out of respect do not argue with an administer or moderator in the forum when they discipline you. If you feel that you have gotten a denounce wrongfully or have a question about why you got it pm the administers or the founders ReapersofBlood or BloodDancer.
12)Talking about or trading bootlegged items, illegal software, and sites to download free items is not allowed
13)Make sure to read the already posted forums. Repeated topics will get locked and you will look like an idiot
14) For your safety don't give out any personal informations like your phone number, address, and zip codes. This should be common sense
15) The only personal information that you are allowed to give is an email address. Which you need to become a member of this site. Since we email your username and password to you.
16)Messages that can't be understood will be deleted. So that means spell your words the best you can and only post your messages in English. Your welcome to pm your friends in a different language but for the forums only English is allowed. Also it is okay to type your key words in all caps but do not type a whole message in caps and don't do it when your arguing with someone.
17) We as the moderators can not ban or delete a members profile but the administrators can. If they feel that your to big of a problem than they can and will delete your account without letting you know.
18) In all of the different categories there is a specified FAQ for it's main topic please read the FAQ that has been posted by that categories moderator it could answer a lot of your questions.
19)Accusations of drama will not be taken lightly. We want this to be a stress free place. Members that start drama will be on our bad sides, we don't want it and we won't tolerate it.
20) If you have a problem with our rules leave, you will be doing us a wonderful favor. Also if a moderator or admin or one of our founders ask you to stop doing something, you are required to stop. Even if it has not been listed as one of our rules.

You are required to follow these rules no matter what part of this site you are on. Whether it be on the forums or in the chat room we expect them to be obeyed

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