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 FAQS and Guidelines

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If you as an individual have ever tried to research slayers on the Internet or find a book of facts on them you probably already know that there is not much. It is also true that if you have ever been a member of a forum for vampires and mortals it is a topic they stay away from (why wouldn't they?) it would ruin their “know it all appearance.” If you even try to mention the word slayer all the users on the forum go into a rant and sneak in their dirty little comments. For example who wouldn't die from a “steak in the heart”. But if they understood the symbolism of the stake and how it became the most popular weapon for past slayers they would see how ignorant that comment would be. Not only that but how contradicting they have just made the vampire community sound. Such a comment would be comparing humans and vampires, yet on every site that I have visited vampires are trying so passionately create their own identity from human beings. As if this makes any sense what soever; although I would enjoy pointing out all the weaknesses and hypocrisy of the vampire community this is not what this post is for. Instead I shall be laying out some guidelines for this specific part of the forum and going over some need to knows about slayers. So we can avoid the annoying common sense questions.


1)Though it is allowed to use foul language on this site, please do not over use derogatory language.
2)Do not post links to other sites we are not a promotional site. Links to videos are allowed and articles.
3)If you have a problem with someone on this site do not fight with them through post. Do it over pm.
4)Please try your best not pass judgment on others you do not know. Also do not make accusations of drama.
5)There should be no confessions of any slaying or assaults.
6)No gruesome details.
7)No insulting comments towards a specific group of people.
8)If posting a pictures make sure they are of reasonable size.
9)Though it is allowed in some parts of the forums I do not want any member typing in caps at all in this section of the site
10) Make sure that your post are readable as well, as understandable. If a post is not understandable it will be deleted.

What is a Slayer?

A slayer is a person that has dedicated their lives to killing those vampires who take advantage, and cause harm to human beings

Am I a Slayer?

If you have to ask this question than most likely your not. A slayer just isn't anyone who goes out and tracks down a vampire (we call those hunters, they're are posers just as you have poser vampires.) A slayer has a lot more to them. For examples we go through stages before we actually understand what it is we are meant to do. We'll call it the “Slayer Awakening”

Are Slayers just men?

Absolutely not. Our slayer administrator is a female

What makes a Slayer different from a Killer?

We'll first off Slayers were meant to go after vampires. You could say we balance out the real vampire community. But what really makes us different from killers is the fact that we don't just go out and kill. We only do it when we feel that there is a vampire that is out of control. A vampire being out of control would mean that they have killed a large amount of people from unsafe feeding methods. They are not just a danger to the community but they are also dangers to themselves and would be better off gone.

Do Slayers still slay?

Honestly it depends. If you are a slayer like me than you probably don't but if you are either a hunter or the type of slayer that I am disgusted with than you probably do still slay. But what you have to understand is that out of control slayers and hunters are what you could consider killers not slayers.

Do Slayers still use Stakes?

Depends on the slayer, but with vampires learning safer methods to feed, Reducing the death of mortals most slayers don't slay anymore. I personally have a collection of stakes from wooden to silver to gold. But I haven't used any of them in the last two decades.

What types of Slayers are there?

There are those of us who will only slay whenever there is a vampire killing a large amount of mortals because of unsafe feeding methods. Then there are those who just slay to slay. Last there are the hunters. They are human beings who have no life, they have watched to much Buffy and have over dosed on reading Van Helsing. In any case they are not true slayers we know them as hunters. Hunters are the murderers.

Do Slayers have Cults?

Most of the slayers I know. Which is not that many do not work with other slayers. Instead we work in groups of two. The Slayer and their Watcher. But for those of us who are lucky we find a person that can teach us usually a retired slayer who has decided not to be a watcher. This teacher will usually teach a group of pupils. But this is not a cult it's a teacher and their students.

Do slayers have magical powers?

Unfortunately no we don't. The closest thing that we have to magical powers is our instincts. These instincts lead us to others like us and to sense vampires. Another thing is that Slayers and Vampires have some of the same traits that have been exaggerated through literature and motion pictures. For example (strength, stamina, and healing) When I mention these things I don't mean the kind of strength where you can throw a car, or you get a scratch and it automatically heals. I'm just saying theres more to it than what the average mortal has. A lot of the things that have been scientifically been proven with vampires correspond to Slayer traits. But there are those slayers who have great control over their chakras and are skilled when it comes to meditating only because they are trying to make sure that psychic vampires could not feed from them.
How do you know when a Vampire is around?

The same way they know your around. It's an uneasy feeling as if someone is watching you, maybe a coldness takes over you even on the hottest days making you shiver, you may get dizzy, or an unexplained anger will over take you. Personally I get extremely upset and defensive and the fast swap of emotions gives me a headache. It's different for everyone. But something happens. It's unexplained but as an experienced slayer you know what that small little trait is, it is a warning that the enemy is near. Most of the time if your in a group of people you won't know exactly who it is but you know that there is a vampire near.
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FAQS and Guidelines
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