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 FAQS and Guidelines

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PostSubject: FAQS and Guidelines   FAQS and Guidelines I_icon_minitimeSun Nov 30, 2008 12:12 pm

This post is just the basics on vampires. It is mostly for those who are just now being introduced to the whole idea that vampires do exist. Whether it be from television, books, or they are a new vampire and are looking for more information. But before I go into that I'm going to give you a reminder on some of the rules that need to be applied when posting in this section.

1) Though it is allowed to use foul language on this site, please do not over use derogatory language.
2) Do not post links to other sites we are not a promotional site. Links to videos are allowed and articles.
3) If you have a problem with someone on this site do not fight with them through post. Do it over pm.
4) Please try your best not pass judgment on others you do not know. Also do not make accusations of drama.
5) If you have your own theories of vampires do not post it unless you have information to back it up
6) No gruesome details of feeding.
7) No insulting comments towards a specific group of people.
Cool No posting of pictures in this section
9) Do not type a whole message in caps only words you wish to stand out.
10) Make sure that your post are readable as well, as understandable. If a post is not understandable it will be delete
11)You are only allowed to start an “Turn me Topic” once if you ask again to be turned through a posting on the forum you will receive a denounce.
I'm going to make this as short as possible:

There are to types of vampires. What makes them different is where they acquire their energy from. One type gets it from “blood” the other by manipulating it from other living creatures (mostly humans) and taking it. The specific vampire that acquires it's energy from blood is known by the cognomen “sang vampire” the full name is Sangunarians. This type of vampire relies on humans that will donate their blood to them hence the name “donors” which is a word that will appear occasionally on this site. Sang vampires are a lot easier to detect and it is a lot easier for someone who is a sang to know that they are a vampire without having to ask multiple people. What makes a sang a vampire is the fact that they not only crave fresh blood but require it to live. Without feeding off of blood could cause them extreme threats to their health. Just because...

You can smell blood
You feel more energetic at night
You run fast
You are having eating problems
You drink blood
You sunburn easy
You are extremely pale
You are attracted to things like vampires, witchcraft, and other things that are considered paranormal

Does not mean you are a vampire. What matters is, is that you have to and must drink blood to acquire the sufficient amount of energy you need to survive.

The second vampire is known by the title “Psychic Vampire” or as I personally like to call myself an Energy Vampire. But most people like the short hand name “psy vampires”. This type of Vampire feeds through the manipulation of energy from living creatures. Most of the time it is from humans but it has been proven that Energy Vampires can feed from nature also. Out of the two this type of vampire is hard to detect since they don't need a specified donor and for most people who don't believe in psychic vampires they would never know they were being fed off of. They would simply just believe they just got tired from running around to much, and needed to sleep or eat. It is also hard to say if you are a psychic vampire or not. Most people might never know since it is possible to take another persons energy unconsciously.


This question is beginning to really annoy me. This is one of the most debated topics in the vampire community. Some say you can and that vampires are just ignorant to the technique it requires. While there are many that say you can't it's just not possible. In all honesty being turned won't make anyone's life better. That is mostly always the perception that leads to someone asking this question. So please don't ask this question because as far as I am concerned as of now you can not be turned until these so-called methods are learned, and all that being turned will lead to is another burden of cravings and a energy deficiency .

Hope this helps remember these are just the basics. For more information start topics that will allow members the chance to help you with your unanswered questions.
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FAQS and Guidelines
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