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 Moonlight FAQS

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PostSubject: Moonlight FAQS   Moonlight FAQS I_icon_minitimeSun Nov 30, 2008 12:09 pm


Welcome to the Domain of Vampyres. It is our greatest hope and wish that you would find everything that you are looking for, and that you get the opportunity to have all of your questions answered. But this post isn't just to say hello it is also to let you know some of the expectations that the administers and moderators have of you. But before I tell you those expectations I would like to introduce those who expect you to abide by them.







You can feel free to contact any of the users listed above at anytime if you have any questions or concerns, and if you are not a member but would like to know more about the site, you may email them through there listed email addresses.

We are a newborn site so that means that are rules aren't going to be as strict as a lot of other websites that you might be from. We haven't had the problems that they have come across. So even though we might have created our rules with a great amount of lenience we still expect them to be obeyed.

1) First off I would like to say that we do not tolerate Role playing. So if your not a vampire don't act as if you are one and if your not a slayer don't act like your one either. We would rather have both classifications empty than to have fakes. If it is believed that you are role playing your account will be deleted. Not closed but “deleted” and your IP address will be blocked. It will not be tolerated at all.

2) We have a huge Art section because it is one of the key elements of the site. The art section consist of Uploaded Drawings, Photography by and of the users, Stories that members have written, and poems /songs that members want to share. Art is a way that people can express themselves and we want to see you as a person through your art as well as your creativity. But we do have limits on what and what not should be in these works of art.

Drawings- All drawings that are uploaded should be drawings by the members. Not drawings that you have found on different sites. To make sure that this rule is applied all of the submitted hand drawn work must have the username of the member on the bottom left hand corner or the users signature. If you do not wish to submit your picture with the signature than you can sign it on the back but you must send a copy of the front of the artwork and the back of the artwork which contains the signature to a moderator and wait until they give you permission to submit the work. This rule also applies to work of photography. We want to make sure that no ones work is being stolen and claimed by a different person.

So far I know that the whole lenience idea hasn't been proven. This is where we get nice.

-Nudity- Yes nudity is allowed. But there are some things we don't want to see.

1) No drawings or pictures that show sexual activity
2) Pictures that contain an extremely explicit drawings of the female and male reproductive organs will not be tolerated (doesn't mean you can't contain them they just shouldn't be the main focal point of the art work)
3) Absolutely No pictures that contain naked children and I mean NONE. If that happens your account will be deleted and your IP address will be banned.

Heres where we get strict (again)

-Drugs- None of your uploaded photos and drawings can contain people smoking from a bong, snorting coke, or shooting up.

But they can be smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol. Only because those things are legal. And even if you live in a country where drugs are legal you will still get punished for uploading such content.

(We would really appreciate it if people would upload pictures that went with the theme of this site.)

3) Here on the domain we do allow cussing. (Big Gasp) Because we understand that even though people shouldn't we all still have conversations in which words like whore, slut, bitch, fuck, motherfucker, shit, damn, “damn it”, piss, “pissing me off”, “pissed me off”, asshole, jackass, and any other words I missed. But just because we allow people to use these terms does not mean you can use them any way.

You may not use them to insult another member, if a moderator feels that you have used swearing as a way to insult a member of this site you will be punished. If another member contacts one of the moderators because they feel insulted by the way you have used the word than you will be punished accordingly.

Do not cuss excessively or you will be punished.

Now going back to the art section. In stories and poetry of course it is allowed, there is not a limit unless you are just going over the top with it. Also don't post stories with descriptions of sexual activity. We are happy that you like to express your self but there are somethings that are not to be shared. It doesn't mean it can't be talked about, just means that we don't want the whole description about whats going on.

4) Speaking of sex and swearing. We know that we allow cussing here but we will not tolerate posts to topics with terms relating to the female and male sexual reproductive systems. These words would be along the line of dick, vagina, cunt, pussy, penis, and all of those other sexual terms that I have overlooked. Not only is this not the place for it, it makes you look trashy and our website and we don't want it.

The same thing goes with drugs. There is no reason why you should be posting anything about drugs on this site. The only thing that we will allow is the mentioning of medications that are backing up some type of theory. Sex and drugs have nothing to do with this site so we don't want it to be displayed on any of the forums.

5) Last but not least is our punishment system. There are somethings that aren't that extreme so we have come up with a system to punish those who disobey our rules. But those members can still have a number of chances before they get into to much trouble.

Whenever you do something that a moderator or administer feels is disrespectful towards the site you will recieve a DENOUNCE

You will get only three denounces before you are banned. That does not mean you can get three and then one more which will lead to you being banned that means two strikes and then that is it.

But with the type of banning system we have you will be allowed back. It just depends on the administrator that bans you but you will never be banned for less than 3 days and more than 3 months. You may only be banned for three times. On your fourth time we will delete your account and ban your IP address.

It will be a lot easier to just follow the rules. You can find them in the topic that is titled Site Rules. The administrators are allowed to ban or close your account without you receiving a denounce. Denounces can be debated if you feel that you have gotten a denounce wrongfully your welcome to try and fight it but it won't do much good.

All of these things that I have gone over are not the rules themselves they are just going into much needed detail of some of the key rules and the Denounce Punishment System. If this hasn't been enough than you are welcome to PM any of the moderators.

Thank you

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Moonlight FAQS
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